University of the Sunshine Coast

Measuring nutrition of remote communities diets

PAC24 is a offline capable app to allow villagers in remote communities to record their dietary intake over 24 hours. The data they collect contributes to the university's project “Improving nutrition through engagement across the seaweed food supply chain”

  • PWA with offline capabilities to support areas with no internet access.
  • Secure login capabilities with roles for interviewee, interviewer and the academic team
  • API integration with several nutritional databases
  • Customisable locale settings to ensure sensitivity for local cultural context and dietary characteristics
  • Facilitated over 200 interviews in the Solomon Islands and Kiribati
  • Significant reduction in cost and time for training non-academic interviewers.
  • Access to live data which increased speed of analysis
  • Dramatic improvement in reporting accuracy compared to previous paper based-methods
  • Empowerment for local community to upskill and engage in their quality of nutritional in-take.

When Covid-19 struck the USC team could no longer travel to remote regions in the Pacific to collect data needed for their project to improve nutrition through engagement across the seaweed food supply chain.

Using scientific methodologies the PAC24 app needed to collect quality information to ensure the project’s valuable work could continue remotely.

They worked well with our team and delivered an easy to use product for a complex project.