Control the narrative

Get an effective PR and Communication strategy in place

PR is the business of storytelling. It is the cornerstone element that helps define how your customers should feel about your business.

Public Relations and Communications is the art of storytelling. You decide how you would like to be represented.

Publicity is just one facet of public relations, it is normally the primary focus for new businesses and startups. Creating awareness of your product or service is the first step in generating new business leads and you need to lead the conversation.

It’s about timeliness

Relevance is one of the important factors of PR and your content strategy needs to be timed to maximised exposure to create a critical mass of awareness. A poorly timed content strategy can make the whole campaign fall flat. And unlike your marketing strategies, once it’s out, it’s very difficult to use again. In many scenarios, you have one shot to get it right.

It must be personalised

You need to know your audience and cater to their interests. First, there are the people that want to talk about your story, then there are the people that want to read about it. Both go hand in hand.

In many cases, you need alternative scripts at the ready for different audience groups with an alternative call to action to make sure your message is clear and concise.

Keep it local

Start local, grow global. Newsworthy stories have momentum. If you’re looking to be picked up by a TV station or blogged about by a major influencer you need to have some hype around your product or service.

Starting local will create a foundation to build momentum. Combined with a well-planned execution strategy, you can create launch pads along the way to maintain that upward trend generating more exposure as your hype increases and solidifying your brand position.

Be unique

Uniqueness is key. Once you have a core foundation thinking of ways to stand out amongst your competitors adds more value to your storytelling and will more likely create memorable content.

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