Launching local startup with screen time management app for kids

ScreenCoach provides an all-in-one app that manages screen time for all devices in a families home by rewarding good choices and activities.

  • PR Launch Strategy
  • Press Kits & Press Releases
  • Video Production
  • Media Relations
  • Interviewed for Channel 9, A Current Affair, Channel 7 and Courier-Mail.
  • 1,800% increase in website traffic
  • Onboarded over 2,000 new customers

We have worked closely with the ScreenCoach founders as an early-stage startup with preparing a launch campaign strategy to create hype and exposure for their official upcoming release.

Built off a successful pre-seed fundraising campaign, the outcome was to raise its presence locally and attract potential customers prior to the official launch.

With a targeted PR campaign, video and press kit assets were created and relationships with local media outlets were leveraged in gaining interstate exposure.

Creating tailored press releases locally and interstate, ScreenCoach was picked by Channel 9, A Current Affair, Channel 7 and the Courier-Mail which created an amazing foundation in the lead up to the official release.

PIXELPIXEL was instrumental in getting ScreenCoach off the ground.

Gary S, his team and the network they have in the industry became an invaluable resource to solve any issue we faced. And as a start-up, we faced a few (shed-load).

These guys know their stuff or if not someone else who can help.


PR & Comms Support @terra_commune