Build your audience with quality content

Get the right tools to create great copy for your customers

For greater visibility online, ensure your site is correctly optimised for organic customer traffic through measurable performance-based strategies from search engines, social sites and trusted referral networks.

Create long term organic traffic with an optimised content strategy for search engines

Increase opportunities for organic customer traffic through measurable performance base strategies from search engines, social sites and trusted referral networks.

It’s about content, not about keywords

It’s not 1990. Back in the wild west where we could use black hat techniques and keyword farms to influence your page range.

Today is only about quality content that is timely and relevant to your customer base.

It’s a long term game, but in the long run has a big impact for your business.

Content Placement

There are basic rules for how to structure your website and where to place content. We follow recommended best practices in this and always keep up with the latest news and alerts for algorithm changes.

Content Creation

A good search engine wants to deliver the best search results to their customers, not yours. So if you just write good quality copy, the rest will do itself. We have copywriters specifically to help with this because we know its hard to write copy.

Content Originality

Fresh, new and original content is what will make an impact. Re-purposing other people’s content looks effective but is not a good practice for a long-term organic search campaign.

Long-tail keywords

The web is already saturated with big business. You’re not going to get position one for “shoes”. A long-tail keyword is something like “sneakers that look cool”. It would have low search volume but is highly relevant. So simply by writing a blog article like “The best white sneakers that make you look cool this season” which a showcase of all your awesome wares means you got a higher conversion potential.

We create a platform that makes it easy for you to write content, the rest just looks after itself.

We’re not going to promise to get you to position one

It’s highly unlikely we’re going to get you to position one for your primary product keyword. Primarily because of your brand authority. There are many factors to getting position one, like domain age, number of backlinks and in particular quality of backlinks. It’s a long term game.

What we can promise is that we will correctly set up your site using best practices in regards to content placement for SEO.

And we will make the site work for you, all we ask is that you create good quality content that your customers will read and is informative to them.

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