Noosa Council

Noosa Skate Park Launch Party

With Noosa Council's newly renovated skate park completed, a community event was organised to promote local talent and engagement.

  • Event organisation
  • Video Production
  • Promotional assets and comms
  • Over 300 people event turnout
  • Promotion of local musicians, artists and skating talent

Over 300 people throughout the day came to celebrate the launch of the newly upgraded Sunshine Beach Skate Park by Noosa Council with a skate competition, live art and music on the day by Noosa locals.

Mixing music, art and skating for young people in Noosa the new park upgrade was put to the test with a host a range of tricks including - A mini-half pipe, Rollover with A-frame hubba, Flat bank and jersey block, Love seat quarter pipe, A-frame and flat steel rails and the infamous steel half-pipe.




Shot & Cut by: + Archives @RunamukVisuals
Additional Visuals: @Lewis_Trelor Jordan Gamiero


Chakra Effendi


Sophia, Sam and Murry


Gary Swanepoel
Kylie Finigan
Donny Fraser
Steven James
Dallas Bickley
Tim Nixon
Chris Gleenie
Noosa Aquatic Centre